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Monday, December 19, 2005

MySQL Stored Procedure Programming (The Book)

On a recent visit to O'Reilly I noticed a list of up coming books. There were the usual second edition of this and third edition of that, but among those was a book that looks like it will become a classic. MySQL Stored Procedure Programming is being written by Steven Feuerstein and Guy Harrison, I'll admit to not knowing much about Guy but I'm fully aware of Steven. For those that don't know Steven he's possible the worlds number one expert on Oracle's PL/SQL, having written a number of books which are seen as the standard by which we should all aim for.

I have all of Steven's Oracle books and if this MySQL book is even half as good as those it's going to be a great book. But it's not due for release until March 2006 and as we all know these things tend to have a habit of slipping a bit. But at $39.99 that at least gives us the time to save up the pocket money.


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