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Friday, September 23, 2005

MySQL on the Mac

I read with interest Zack Urlocker's blog entry for today on his experience with a new Intel based Mac MySQL have recently got their hands on. I was looking for a new PC at the start of the year, maily because of some problems with my current windows box having problems communicating with various USB devices. I've always liked the look of Macs but the expense has always put me off, I'm not made of money after all.

But lucky for me (and apple), my looking for a new PC coincided with Steve Jobs announcment of the Mac Mini. Anyway I'm sure you're not interested in my shopping habits so on to the important part.

I purchased the Mac Mini to develop my website (shamless plug) on, that meant I needed some html writing software, an FTP client and of course a MySQL database. One of the great things which became apparent straight away was that the MySQL command line client is identical to the Windows version that I had been using before, this meant that there was zero downtime waiting for me to get up to speed with using MySQL on the Mac. The other great thing was that all the scripts I produced were immediately portable to the windows (or Linux) versions of MySQL.

To try and tie this in to the theme of this blog (a guide to MySQL for Oracle users) it's the same with Oracle's SQL*Plus, it's the same on any platform Oracle supports (which is pretty much everything).

So if the switch to Intel by apple has put the seed in your head, don't worry for a second about running MySQL, it works just the way you like it.

Here ends the Mac/MySQL plug.


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