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Friday, December 02, 2005

Another Week Off?

I've recently noticed my name dropping further and further down the most active list over at Planet Mysql. That's hardly a surprise given that I haven't added a blog in well over 2 weeks, but rather than just simply being too lazy this time I've had other excuses.

First off I changed jobs, I was working on a short term contract which came to an end on 19th November, I had a week "off" (more on that in a second) and then started my new full time position this week.

In my week "off" I spent most of the time working on, I've had a good response to my call for more help (we still want loads more) and people have been kind enough to donate ideas and content of their own for the site. That meant I was busy formating, updating and loading content for at least part of the week. People are also working on some great content based around the CLI and it's looking really good, it's something I've wanted to add to the site for some time but work pressures have played their part in slowing me down.

Also congratulations to Roland, Markus and Beat on winning the MySQL 5.0 grand prize, as you all know they have produced some brilliant content on their blogs, along with plenty of work testing and bug reporting on the features of 5.0. But things should'nt stop there, the big push to get MySQL 5.0 released as been great but there is still a need for more info, more blogs and more bug reports to really push 5.0 forward.


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