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Tuesday, October 11, 2005


I got back from my vacation at 7:00 am UK time yesterday, I had a quick shower and it was straight back to work, things are busy here in the office as we just went live on a rather large ecommerce site, it's looking great so far no major problems but plenty of little things to keep us all busy over the first few weeks I'm sure.

All of this meant that I didn't have a chance to catch up with my personal email until I got home last night. I logged on expecting the odd email (I don't get many to that address) but I had loads. But of course the important one was the email from Arjen Lentz telling me I'd won an iPod Nano for my work on this blog and also over at

I was both surprised and honored to be receiving the first weeks prize, it real was unexpected. When I started the short series on using stored procedures a few weeks a go there was a genuine desire on my part to impart at least a little knowledge to people reading this blog so they could go off and start trying to find those bugs, write blogs and win those iPods.

So thanks to MySQL, Arjen and everybody who's been following this blog or the site. There are still 7 (soon to be 6) iPods up for grabs and also those 3 Grand Prize of a pass to the 2006 MySQL Users Conference, so keep blogging and looking for those bugs.


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