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Friday, June 22, 2007

MySQL on a PS3

I work in IT for 2 reasons, firstly it pays well but secondly and most importantly it's fun. When I look back on jobs I had before I started working in IT, while it was never a problem getting up in the morning and the social aspects were great I would never have said that the job it self was fun.

It's been sometime since I last updated the blog, 6 moths or so and almost a year since I did on anything like a regular basis, the main reason as I have mentioned in the past is that if you have nothing to say then why bother saying it. Therefore I doubt anybody is listening any longer, but I suppose that's not really an issue.

I have been prompted to write because I have been doing some work on a site in MySQL, in the day job I use Oracle (but do some admin on MySQL sites from time to time) so I no longer have the experiences to blog about. But I recently needed to upgrade a family members web site which required some MySQL work. As it happens this coincided with a recent hardware upgrade, I used to have an X-Box 360 but it recently decided to die on me so I took the plunge to get a Playstation 3. As games consoles go it's pretty decent and with the addition of a Blue-Ray drive it means I can take full advantage of my new HD TV.

Getting back to the point, Sony allow you to format the PS3 hard drive in such a way that it can have two operating systems, the standard console one and also Linux. The install process looked easy and given that Sony fully supports this I thought I would give it a go. The PS3 allows the connection of a USB Keyboard and mouse so it's easy enough to get going. The install was painless enough (if a little long winded) but once it was done I now had a PS3 running Linux, of course one of the first things I did was have a go at running MySQL which of course runs like a dream.

So now my development machine is a Sony PS3 :)