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Friday, February 03, 2006

Keeping it short.

A recent post in the MySQL Stored Procedure forum reminded me of the old days, the post was with regard to a problematic stored procedure which had a rather long name. The name had nothing to do with the problem but it got me thinking about naming conventions and documenting code to make it more readable.

I'm all for naming things with an appropriate name but there are times when it can be taken too far. One particular example was a system I worked on a few years ago, every table had two columns called unique_identifier and parent_identifier. Every record had a unique identifying number and the ability to store the unique identifier of it's parent, I'll ignore the fact this wasn't the greatest way to design the database for now.

The problem was that these columns were used on a regular basis, pretty much in every SQL statement that joined two tables in the system. This meant that the consulting team spent most of their programming time typing these things out in full (which also included typos on a regular basis). The development team could have used unique_id or even uid and everybody would still have know what the columns were used for but they went for the fully monty.

Don't get me wrong I'm definitely into using descriptive names but there comes a time when you need to think about how practical it's going to be when you have to type 60 extra characters per SQL statement.

I had a meeting with one of the original development team and he informed me the decision was taken because Visual FoxPro allowed 32 character column names where FoxPro 2.0 only ever allowed 8 characters, he said it was a decision that they wish the had never taken.


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