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Tuesday, October 25, 2005

Finding (another) name for MySQL Stored Procedures

If you checked my blog yesterday you may have seen a post titled "Finding a name for MySQL Stored Procedures". The general theme was trying to find a smaller and more snappy method of refering to stored procedures within MySQL. I got a fair few comments from people about the blog which were generally positive and welcomed the idea.

However, I recieved an email from MySQL AB requesting that we didn't use the name I had decided apon. The reason begin that it included a My prefix and MySQL AB feel that doing so dilutes the trademark. This can be seen in action for example in the renaming of MyODBC to Connector/ODBC.

I of course don't have a problem with this, the intention of giving stored procedures a name was more to do with keeping things short and also removing the ambiguity of the word procedure when actually talking about functions.

The big question is do MySQL stored procedures actually need a name? They conform to the ANSI Standards, or at least a subset of it, so perhaps when refering to stored procedures we can use the ANSI title of SQL/PSM (Persistant Stored Modules).


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