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Wednesday, February 22, 2006

MySQL Getting More Popular?

My web hosting company provide some great statistics for me to look at with relation to my site It's been interesting watching visitor and hit numbers grow over the last year since the site went live. A year ago for the month of February we had just 251 visits, this year however we have had 3446 in February as of about 5 minutes ago, and there are still 6 days to go in the month.

But this figure is up drastically from January 2006 and late last year. Each month last year was better than the previous one but growth was steady and we peaked in terms of traffic in November when the site had a lot of activity due to the release of 5.0 and me winning the first week of the 5.0 challenge. But visitor numbers only reached 2847 for November and were around 2500 for the months either side.

So I was just wondering if this was something thats happened just on or if it was a trend other people in the community were seeing.


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