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Friday, April 28, 2006

MySQL Stored Procedure Programming (The Book) - 3

I have mentioned a couple of times about the upcoming release of MySQL Stored Procedure Programming by Guy Harrison and Steven Feuerstein. It was scheduled for release in March but the release date slipped a couple of times, I pre-ordered and the good news is that the book arrived this morning, so it's out now (in the UK at least).

It weighs in at 636 pages so while it's not the door stopper that's often related to computer books there is a lot of information in there especially given the relatively recent addition of stored procedures to MySQL. Jay Pipes and Michael Kruckenberg did a great job with their stored procedure chapters in Pro MySQL but given that it wasn't an exclusive development book it didn't go into detail about using stored procedures from other languages, this new book goes into great detail on the subject with dedicated chapters on using stored procedures with PHP, Perl, Python, Java and .Net.

Having only received the book today I haven't had much of a chance to read it but first impressions look good and as I said previously if it's half as good as Steven Feuerstein's Oracle related books it will be well worth the money.


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