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Friday, May 12, 2006 Update

I recently I announced that MySQLDevelopment was going to close, at the time I wasn't sure what would be happening to the content but I hoped that it would be able to live on in some form.

I had a number of requests and suggestions with regard to the site and I felt the best option was to hand it over to MySQL for inclusion in the new MySQL Forge Wiki. My timing was a little off as the site was due to close during the MySQL conference but with that now out of the way the content of the site has been transfered and is available now at..

I will be passing over the domain name to MySQL also but that may take some time to be up and running so will still be available in the mean time.

Now it's finally happening it's a little sad for me but this way I know the content can continue to grow and members of the community can contribute in real time.


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